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What we do

America’s Health Initiative is dedicated to helping communities tackle common health problems through evidence-based research and health education.

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Mission Statement

To protect and promote the health of all communities through education and research on preventive health with emphasis on human dignity and social justice

Vision Statement

To empower and educate all communities through increased awareness on behavior and lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health and well-being.

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of professionals who have vast experience in their fields. We are committed to positively impact public health through education. Our goal is to leverage the educational resources available, and bring awareness to communities on how they may reduce the prevalence of health problems that adversely affect them.

Doris Johnson, MD, MS

Dr. Doris Johnson is a medical doctor with extensive clinical research experience. As a researcher, she has worked in Academia, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), and Pharmaceutical companies with over 10 years’ experience in most therapeutic areas and all phases of clinical trials.

Dr. Johnson has a masters’ degree in clinical nutrition and is an avid proponent of eating healthy diet and getting regular exercise. She constantly provides helpful information on how to improve health through life-style changes and nutrition. She is an advocate of integrative medicine for better physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental health.

Dr. Johnson earned her medical degree from Windsor University School of Medicine, St. Kitts and a Masters’ degree in Clinical Nutrition at New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury, NY.

Sadia Ali Aden, MD, MS

Dr. Sadia Ali Aden is a trained medical doctor with extensive experience in research, development and humanitarian work. She worked with Georgetown University Medical Center for over 10 years managing neuroscience lab and conducted pre-clinical brain and spinal trauma research examining the mechanisms of trauma and the impact on the nervous system. She has also trained a post-doctoral fellows on research.

Dr. Aden also worked with contract research organizations (CROs) on pre-clinical trials testing pharmaceutical products on food and nutrition research.
She is also a freelance writer and has published on media groups around the world; namely Huffington Post, Aljazeera Magazine and Media Monitor Network and has been a guest on NPR, BBC, VOA, and Aljazeera discussing issues affecting Sub-Sahara Africa. She also testified before Congress of the United States, Committee on Foreign Affairs’ Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health.
Dr. Aden has a Masters’ degree in human nutrition and is a proponent of integrating food safety, nutrition and food security.

Dr. Aden earned her medical degree from Windsor University School of Medicine, St. Kitts and her Masters’ degree from Howard University, Washington, DC. She also received an International Health Certificate from Georgetown University.